mat1”The way to the ”birth” of music looks different from time to another; improvising, paper’n pen, studiowork, experiments, journeys, meetings, foodcooking, life…

I have a passion for old soulful instruments like mellotron, hammond, analog synts, pipeorgans etc.

My field is primarily jazz, impro, artrock, contemporary and I love to cross borders to other artforms.
I have my own band ‘Ritualia’ and are playing in some other constellations, like Yun Kan 10 and tAKT & tON, bands that includes some of Swedens most prominent impro-musicians.

Some of my inspirations: Hermann Hesse, Tony Banks, Adyashanti, Jan Johansson, J S Bach, pilsner Urquell, Maurice Ravel, Bill Evans, Willy Kyrklund, Toscana, John Coltrane, Bo Hansson, John Lennon, Buddha, Frank Zappa, Paul Klee, Eddie Izzard, real Ale, ungespundet, old England, Gandhi, Stravinskij, Olivier Messiaen, Karl-Ove Knausgård, James Joyce, Helene Schjerfbeck, wienerschnitzel, Peter Gabriel, Prague, Eric Dolphy, Magma, Paul Bley, Gesualdo, Bamberg, Glenn Gould, yoga.”


Mattias is a musician/composer with piano/keyboards as maininstrument. He is an educated composer, improviser and teacher from Royal college of music in Stockholm.