Bells & Pipes


kyrklyssning ”Listening to the voice of a church…”From the first performance, Vittinge 26 june -14

Some tasters from a concert in the church of Dala Floda aug-14:

IMG_1945Bells & Pipes

The spring-14 I composed a piece based on different recordings from a number of churches. The idea is that every church has its own unique sound, that the instruments, bells, room, materials, architechture, etc, forms their specific  voice.


The project is supported by Statens Musikverk.

IMG_1735Bells & Pipes summer-15:

2/7 kl 19.00 Folkärna kyrka

5/7 kl 19.00 Tierp kyrka



At Hagenfesten 2/8-14 I played ”Strings and Pipes” in the church of Dala-Floda, a piece that is very much similar to ”Bells & Pipes”. Here’s a review:

”En strålende avdeling som overrasket stort, og vil bli stående som kanskje den beste kirkekonserten jeg har overvært nnoensinne.




IMG_1731 IMG_1733 IMG_1558