”Swaying between beautiful compositions and breathtaking improvisations, the blend of instruments – cello, violin, clarinet, flute, saxophones, piano, percussion and analog synthesizars – forms delightful soundscapes and suggestive rhytms. These musicians belong to the most prominent in Sweden. Their voices are Ritualia: a cooking ensemble where musical adventures become it’s colorful distinctive marc.” From left to right: Jon Fält dr, Mattias Risberg keys, Fredrik Ljungkvist sax/cl, Jan Levander sax/cl/fl, Leo Svensson cello, Lisa Rydberg vln.

Interview in Swedish radio

”Ljuvligt förvridna melodier” – Review in VLT


Ritualia 4

A smaller piece that plays the music of Ritualia.

Ritualia 4 plays ”Epilog” in Umeå 16/4-15

Ritualia 4 at the Stockholm jazzfestival 19/10-14 at Glenn Miller café!



Jon Fält, Mattias Risberg, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Vilhelm Bromander

Some tasters from the coming album:

1. March tammefan

2. Kabul

3. Skultuna

4. Toner från första våningen

Some pictures from the recording:


L1070459  L1070469  L1070464